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Our consultants are leading experts in hundreds of industries.

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Q-demy: QA Alliance's Professional development academy for all QA Professional and aspirants

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Our Campus to Corporate Program

Our team of senior QA Professional pairs out-of-the-box thinking with tried-and-true training and consulting skills. 

We know what industry needs from an entrant and what are the enablers that would make you a true and confident QA Professional (we would love to call you 'Qualiticians'), right from the beginning.

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We strongly believe in delivering solutions and services which add value.

Committed Team

We're committed to work with a systematic approach to serve you by providing training & consultancy in a collaborative way .

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Featured Service

We are a proud partner of SigmaXL, a leading statistical analysis tool. We offer complimentary* SigmaXL licenses worth $245, with our solutions involving Statistics.  *T&C apply

Sensible Solutions

You believe in Quality and so do we! We provide you with training/ consultancy solutions as per your need.